Mindful Breathing Exercise

Mindful Breathing Exercise:  This is a fundamental meditation practice that calms theCalm the Mind respond or react to the experience in the present moment..


Sit comfortably, with an upright spine (on the floor, cushion or chair), gently lower your eyes so that you are looking just beyond your knees or close your eyes.  (This meditation is about being alert, aware and present in the moment whilst putting your attention on your breath).

Begin by gently noticing your breath.  Simply observe each breath as it happens as you breathe in and out through your nostrils.  If this is not possible just notice your breath as it happens by focusing on the rise and fall of your chest or abdomen.  There is no need to alter your breathing, just observe it as it is happening.  Be with this experience in this moment.

If you mind begins to wander, caught by thoughts, bodily sensations or by noise in the room or outside, however or whatever occurs, know this is okay.  Simply notice the distraction and gently bring your attention and focus back onto the breath and breathing.

Take a few moments to be present in the moment and when you feel ready expand your awareness from the breath to the room around you.  When you are ready bring the exercise to a close.

Take a few moments to think about your experience and how you feel.  If you found it difficult, don’t worry, with practice it can become an automatic pattern.

You can perform this exercise anyway and for any length of time.  It is especially good to use when you feel stress occurring or you just need to calm the mind.

This practice can help to reduce tension, lower your heart rate and calm the mind.